Effective treatment of municipal and industrial waste water is a fundamental requirement of our time. Currently not only organic substances are removed from wastewater but also biogenic substances. The most effective methods of wastewater treatment include aerobic processes. Aeration of wastewater can be carried out in various ways, with the most technically and economically feasible aeration. This way of introducing air into the sewage can be accomplished by using elastomeric diffusers with perforated membranes or ceramic diffusers.

Family business

The family company STAGUM-EKO based in Suchy Las near Poznan has been a manufacturer of disk and pipe diffusers for small-bubble aeration for more than 25 years. We started production in 1990. In the air diffusers, EPDM rubber-based membranes were used. The materials and raw materials used are constantly being modified according to the latest technological trends in the production of waste water treatment membranes.

Our industry

The STAGUM-EKO micro-bubble aerated is characterized by very high oxygen transfer efficiency and low air flow resistance. Thanks to these properties, this system enables significant savings in electricity from the aeration process. The aeration system offered by STAGUM-EKO is simple and quick to install. It can be used both in newly built treatment plants and in modernized buildings.

We have many years of experience and our aerating plate and tube diffusers can be found not only in Poland. We also export aerating systems to other European countries. We also sell diaphragm diaphragms, but also diaphragms for valves and actuators.

We are very happy to consult with designers and contractors of wastewater treatment plants. We also provide advice and information to local government organizations or private companies on small-bubble aeration in water tanks, fish farms and drinking water treatment.

STAGUM-EKO will advise on the selection of suitable aeration system for various types of industrial wastewater. We already have hundreds of companies.

We produce aeration systems according to the needs and capabilities of the investor, which is important, while simultaneously installing and supervising the technological start-up of the aeration plant.