STAGUM-EKO has many years of experience in equipping wastewater treatment plants and other facilities with water aeration and wastewater treatment systems.

In order to correctly select and design the aeration installation, the appropriate conditions must be met. For this purpose we collect a number of detailed data that will allow you to create an optimal solution for the designated facility. The information relates both to its location and to the technological data such as oxygen demand, the design temperature of the waste water for its individual values, or other determinants.

We are ready to meet your expectations and we will be happy to talk to you and provide you with appropriate consultations in order to present our assumptions regarding the waste water treatment process.

We design and manufacture aerating systems, offer them installation and service, and provide advice in this regard. We have been operating in the market since 1990 and we are offering solutions that have been appreciated by many customers.

Aeration of water using diffusers

Waste water treatment is carried out using disk diffusers or tubular diffusers whose membranes are made of rubber based EPDM rubbers. Aeration of water using the STAGUM-EKO method makes it oxygen-saturated and thus cleaned of gases and impurities. The method proposed by us is very beneficial for economic reasons, because the efficiency of oxygen transfer to sewage is very high, and the air flow resistance low. This reduces the electricity consumption. Cleaning the sewage through aeration is a task we specialize in.

Depending on customer needs, we sell individual diffusers or provide complete aeration of water.

STADYSKFLEX 250 Diffusers come complete with a fitting to attach it to the Ø63mm pipe.

The STARURFLEX diffusers, depending on the type of grate they are attached to, have a special adapter for mounting on Ø110mm pipe, optionally using threaded 3 ‘or 1’ thread.

The complete water aerating installation consists of one or more segments that are adapted to the size and shape of the tank. Each segment has air supply and drainage system.

All other elements of the aeration system are used according to the individual needs of the customer.

We provide information and advice to interested parties. We operate not only on the Polish market, but also on the foreign market. We encourage you to take advantage of our attractive, ecological offer.