STAGUM-EKO has been producing disk and tube diffusers for small-bubble aeration for more than 25 years. They are used inter alia. In waste water treatment plants, where they can operate in two cycles: continuous and intermittent.

Aeration of wastewater and more

Disk diffusers can also be used in water tanks, for cleaning lakes, ponds and swimming pools. In addition, this diffuser will be tested as part of the aeration system in tanks adapted for fish farming.

The method we use is ecological and very cost effective. Low airflow resistance and high oxygen transfer efficiency save electricity. Each disc diffuser is made of high quality materials, m. Original EPDM Rubber Rubber, which translates into their durability and durability.

We have already trusted hundreds of individual clients, companies and municipal and city offices. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Our headquarters are located near Poznan, in Suchy Las. Welcome.

“STADYSKFLEX 250” DISPENSERS are used for fine-blown aeration of wastewater. They are made of certified materials, guaranteeing high durability and excellent technical properties. Disc diffusers can work in both wastewater treatment plants in continuous and intermittent cycle.

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Diffuser rearRange diffuser

The “STADYSKFLEX 250” disk diffusers are characterized by low air flow resistance and high oxygen transfer rates for wastewater treatment.

A diffuser venting the water

The “STADYSKFLEX 250 W” diffuser made of white EPDM rubber is used in drinking water treatment equipment and can be supplied with air or oxygen.

Disk diffuser cross section

Diffuser stagum-eco disk cross-section

STAGUM-EKO diffusers can be used in reactors where the use of oxygen from the air or pure oxygen is required. Regardless of the above, diffusers can work in all types of tanks where air is required for technological purposes.


Characteristics of the disc diffuser “STADYSKFLEX 250”

Membrane carrier – reinforced polypropylene ch. With fiberglass
Rubber EPDM rubber membrane
Fixing band – acid resistant steel 1.4404
Diffusion diameter 250 mm
Surface active diffuser 408 cm2
Diffuser mass with connector 0.45 kg
Opening pressure of the membrane about 120 mm H2O
Air flow through the diffuser 0.5-6 Nm3 / h
Oxidation efficiency under standard conditions of about 20g O2 / Nm3 per 1 meter
Economics of oxygenation in standard conditions of 3.0 – 6.5 kg O2 / kWh
Diffusers can operate from 1.0 to 10 m of sewage head
Air flow resistance in diffuser capacity at 20oC
In the range of 1m3 / h to 6m3 / h varies from 20 to 35 hPa
Air temperature for diffuser with standard diaphragm – up to 80oC
Air temperature for diffuser with special diaphragm – up to 120oC