The scope of our business includes:

– production and retail sale and wholesale of tube diffusers and disc diffusers (discs) Diffuser

– production and sales of diffuser diaphragms

– installation of aerating equipment in sewage treatment plants, fish ponds, water tanks

– service of aerating systems

– comprehensive project of aerating systems

– consulting and free consultation for designers and investors


– Production of membranes for valves and regulators used in industrial power industry
We produce these membranes as a qualified supplier for Automation Plants “POLNA” S.A.
– production of diaphragms for brake cylinders, including for trucks and buses
Diaphragms have been granted a “B” safety certificate by PIMOT in Warsaw.

“STADYSKFLEX 250 S” disk diffusers are used for microbubble aeration of wastewater. They are made of certified materials, guaranteeing high durability and excellent technical properties. Diffusers can work in sewage treatment plants both in continuous and intermittent cycle.

Read the specifications of the disk diffusers.

The STARURFLEX 500, STARURFLEX 750 and STARURFLEX 1000 tube diffusers are used in small-volume aeration of wastewater, as well as for aeration of water bodies used in fish farming, as well as for the purification of lakes, ponds and swimming pools. Diffusers are made of high-quality materials, providing excellent technical properties of the equipment, as well as long-term use. Tubular diffusers They can operate in continuous and intermittent cycles.

Check out the tubular diffuser specifications.

We also provide complete aeration installations for waste water treatment or private companies in the field of small-bubble aeration in water tanks, fish farms and drinking water treatment processes.

Aerating systems.